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November 2008

Land Rover Magazine: Choosing a Trailer

Land Rover Monthly recently published an article on choosing a new or second hand trailer. Lindsay Porter who wrote the article for Land Rover recently chose an Atlas Trailer as seen at the top of the picture left.

Lindsay points out that being able to hire the trailer that you are interested in is a good move as you can try it out under real world conditions before you buy. Atlas Trailers have a extensive trailer hire arm to their business and this has proved a real advantage in promoting the now well regarded Atlas Tipping Trailer.

Lindsay outlines some of the pitfalls in buying a trailer, especially cheap imported American boat trailers and goes on to discuss buying livestock trailers, horseboxes, boat trailers and tipping trailers.

Also discussed in the article is 'Using the Atlas Trailer'. Lindsay writes:
"Clive Ballard, the man behind Atlas Trailers, demonstrates the Atlas Tipper's versatility. A single spanner is used to loosen or tighten each pinch bolt holding each upright in place ..."

The article also includes a very useful check list on buying a second hand trailer, offering 15 areas to check before making a decision. Legal requirements are covered, both for towing a trailer and for the construction of the trailer itself.

Our thanks go to Land Rover Monthly and Lindsay Porter for allowing us to reproduce parts of their article on choosing a trailer.

choosing a new or secondhand trailer - article in Land Rover Monthly magazine - click to see Land Rover Monthly web site
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